A wide range of features to help you manage every aspect of the contact center

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Distribute calls evenly, and route queries to the best-suited agent, based on key parameters, according to type of information needed, and agent availability.

Skill-Based Routing

Skills-based routing ensures that calls are answered by agents with specialized skills, improving first call resolution and increasing customer satisfaction.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Integrate IVR into inbound campaigns to improve call resolution speed, reduce caller wait times, and route your customers to the right agents.

Support Multiple IVRs

Design IVR flows easily on the drag & drop IVR studio and handle calls from multiple processes at the same time from the same dashboard.

Reporting and Analytics

Monitor your campaign easily with access to real-time & historical analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Expedite resource allocation, campaign decision, and get full control over the contact center process with access to real-time reports.

  Historical Reporting

Track contact center KPIs easily, and identify agent training requirements with access to historical data for any given time period.

 Call Disposition

Call disposition (CD) helps monitor abandonment rates, call quality, call volume, call back requests, etc.

Inbuilt Integrations

Manage contact center operations easily with a host of onboard integrations

Inbuilt CRM

Enables access to customer information instantly without the need to switch between applications.

Integrated Knowledge Base

The integrated knowledge base lets agents, managers, and supervisors access call scripts instantly

Ticket Management System

The Ticket Management System lets managers and supervisors assign and track tickets easily

Callback Support

Schedule real-time callback requests & eliminate the need for customers to call back repeatedly

Quality Assurance

Keep track of agent performance, KPIs and service level easily

Call Recording

Maintain service standards, expedite agent training, meet compliance requirements & monitor call quality easily with access to detailed call recordings.

Agent Performance

Monitor the agent dashboard or track individual agent call status, agent status, and agent KPIs to improve agent performance in real-time.

Agent Scorecards

Score individual agents dynamically by reviewing call recordings or listening in on live calls to easily track agent performance.

Outbound Contact Center

Use intelligent outbound dialers to improve contact rate and automate tasks easily

Preview Dialer

Preview Dialers initiate calls only after reviewing customer requirement and customer information, which makes it an ideal option for sales and support call center processes. The preview dialer can help agents save time, and even lower call drop rates, but isn’t as effective as the other options like predictive or progressive dialers.

Progressive Dialer

Progressive dialers automatically dial the next number from the list as soon as an agent becomes available. The progressive dialer makes calls one after the other, but only when the agent is ready for a customer to answer. While they minimize the time spent between calls, they are not as effective as predictive dialers.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers can call multiple numbers at once, and detect busy signals, voicemail, answering machines, or no answers to ensure calls connect only to people. The algorithm determines and continually changes dialing pace according to average talk time, agent availability, caller answer ratio and others.

Dialing Capabilities

Leverage multiple dialing capabilities to get the
best campaign experience

Simple Outbound

Lets agents call customers listed on the inbuilt CRM. Agents don’t have to dial numbers, which eliminates the chance of errors

Automated Outbound Dialers

Automated Outbound Dialers let agents connect to more calls and minimize agent wait time and the rate of call drops

Callback Schedule

Lets agents schedule callbacks with customers, with the feature also connecting the agent to the call before connecting the customer

Exclusion Management

Lets you skip do not call numbers, making the process more efficient and ensuring that you meet service levels & compliance requirements

Campaign Capabilities

Use intuitive campaign capabilities to fire up your outbound calling campaigns

Manage Multiple Campaigns

Manage one or more than one campaign easily, and create, modify, or delete campaigns with a few clicks

Set Agent Campaign Priority

Assigns agents to work groups without having to choose campaigns manually, improving overall productivity and reducing errors

Live Campaign View

Get a single-screen view of live calls, agent waiting times and call disposition statuses to effectively track every level of the campaign

Intuitive Interface

The easy-to-use interface lets managers set up and define service levels and other campaign parameters instantly

Solutions For Every Contact Center