Blended Contact Center Solution

Blended Calls

Make & receive calls via the same blended calling interface. Use dedicated inbound, outbound or blended agents

Outbound Campaigns

Use preview, progressive, or predictive dialers to improve contact rates & automate tasks

Inbound Calls

Set up a dedicated inbound contact center with skill-based call routing to manage call flows

Operate Multiple Processes Simultaneously

Different IVRs

Handle multiple processes at the same time via same or different agents

Single Dashboard

Agents can handle calls from different IVRs on the same dashboard

Monitor Processes

Manage all processes without toggling between different screens

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Real-time Analytics

Analyze thousands of live data
points & monitor the entire call
center on a unified screen

Monthly Performance Reports

Generate monthly performance
reports & monitor call center
performance easily

Historical Reporting

Access and download call & agent
history, call recordings, voicemail,
etc via the history panel

Role-Based & Dedicated Dashboards

Agent Dashboard

A simplified dashboard for agents with
an inbuilt call control panel, easy access
to agent scripts, CRM & caller history

Supervisor Dashboard

Easily monitor agent performance via the
listen, whisper and join tools or use real-time
agent based KPI's, and live statuses

Manager Dashboard

Use real-time and historical analytics to
define service standards and manage
everything via the master admin panel

Back Office Dashboard

This dashboard lets back office employees
view, sort, manage and resolve tickets raised
by agents easily

Inbuilt Integrations

Inbuilt CRM

An inbuilt CRM eliminates the need
for third party solutions and
switching between applications

Integrated Knowledge Base

An integrated knowledge base so that
agents, managers, and supervisors
can access call scripts instantly

Ticket Management System

The Ticket Management System lets
managers and supervisors assign and
track tickets easily

Agent Evaluation System

The agent evaluation system
evaluates agent performance and
creates reports with a few clicks

DIY Admin Settings

Drag & Drop IVR Studio

Use the IVR studio to set up call flows and escalation paths instantly

Customize Systems

Customize CRM, knowledge base, ticket management system according to user needs

Manage Users/Agents & Skills

Create or edit agent/supervisor/manager profiles & manage skills, skill groups, etc

Define Service Standards

Define service level, SMS & email templates, call routing strategy, agent evaluation metrics, etc

Outbound Communication

SMS & Email

Design, personalize & send messages via integrated email and SMS


Conference instantly on a live call via external mobiles or landlines

Internal/Warm Transfer

Transfer or escalate calls to other agents or manager easily

Outbound calling

Make direct outbound calls to callers via the inbuilt CRM

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